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In a competitive real estate market like Seattle, finding ways to secure a solid financial future is crucial. One lucrative investment opportunity that has been gaining traction is the addition of ADUs (Additional Dwelling Units) to residential properties. As the cost of homeownership rises and the demand for affordable housing increases, ADUs offer homeowners a unique chance to diversify their income streams and create long-term financial stability. Emerald City Construction in Seattle can help homeowners unlock the potential of ADUs and reap the benefits of this smart investment choice. Learn more about the investment opportunities of additional dwelling units, and contact us for a free quote today.

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If you and your family are interested in expanding your living space or generating some extra income, building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property could be the solution you've been searching for! ADUs, also known as granny flats, mother-in-law units, or backyard cottages, are secondary housing units or buildings that can be built on an existing residential lot or property space. Over the years, and especially in recent times, ADUs have become a popular housing and building option for many people and families due to their many practical benefits. At Emerald City Construction, we’re here to help with top-quality ADU construction services, so keep reading as we explore the advantages of building an ADU on your property.

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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, one of the top priorities for Seattle, WA, homeowners face is often creating more storage space for dishes, appliances, and more. A well-designed and efficient kitchen can make meal preparation a breeze and keep everything organized and clutter-free. Emerald City Construction can help you embrace this lifestyle with our kitchen remodeling services.

In this blog post, we will explore different strategies that homeowners can discuss with our home remodeling company to keep your kitchen feeling organized and comfortable!

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When it comes to elevating your home's value and curb appeal, the exterior often takes a backseat to the interior. However, as a leading general contractor and residential construction company in King County, Emerald City Construction is here to shed light on the transformative power of home exterior improvements. Not only do these changes enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, but they also contribute to its overall longevity.

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When building a custom home in Washington, luxury is often a top priority for homeowners. With its beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and high-end living, Washington offers the perfect backdrop for creating an exceptional living experience. At Emerald City Construction, we can help you create the home of your dreams with all the latest modern home features to make your life easier. Contact us today to get started on your custom home in the Bellevue area.


Bellevue, WA is one of the most beautiful cities in the Pacific Northwest. Known for its stunning views of Lake Washington and the nearby mountains, as well as its thriving tech industry, it is no wonder why so many people are eager to call Bellevue home. If you already live in Bellevue, you may be considering remodeling your home to make the most of your living space and take advantage of all that this great city has to offer.

Here are a few of the many benefits of remodeling your home in Bellevue:

  1. Increased Home Value: Remodeling your home can significantly increase its value, making it a smart investment in the long run. Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or simply want to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable, remodeling can be a great way to add value.

  2. Improved Functionality: Remodeling your home can allow you to create a more functional living space that meets your needs and the needs of your family. From adding a home office to reconfiguring your kitchen to include more storage, there are endless possibilities when...

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Building a custom home is an incredibly exciting prospect, but it can also seem daunting and overwhelming. With a custom home, you’re starting from scratch, having to make decisions about where the home will be built, the layout of the house, and all of the small details like which doorknobs you want. While your design team and contractor will be there to guide you through the process and help make decisions, there are many things to consider before you start to know that the finished home is exactly what you want and need.